Why publishers love PPAP?


Five reasons to fall in love with Premium Private Affiliate Program.

Do you want to monetize your website traffic and achieve high return on investment while giving your audience something special, for what your readers will be grateful? With Premium Private Affiliate Program, it’s possible. But first….

Dear publisher! Stop wasting valuable resources!

Affiliate marketing is without a doubt the most lucrative form of monetizing the traffic to your web properties. Unfortunately, many publishers and website owners use ineffective monetization forms with the use of affiliation:

They use open affiliate platforms on which they have to sift through tons of similar offers before finding the one they were looking for. Moreover, even before they start, they realise that they are competing with thousands of other marketers, what leads to market saturation.

Despite a huge choice of offers, finding the one that will suit your audience is sometimes impossible.

Moreover, the low quality of service on the platform and small control over the offers leads to negligence and malpractice – both when it comes to employees of the platform (“lead shaving” – lowering the number of conversions in order to cut down the commission) and entrepreneurs cooperating with it.

The above problems force some of the publishers to resign from this incredibly profitable form of monetisation completely, while others, enticed by huge profits and due to lack of a better choice, serve their audience with mediocre offers of low-quality products (quite often they are fully aware of this lack of quality).

Such practice of misleading your readers to boost your profits can quickly backfire, harming your reputation, making your audience insensitive to the advertisement and lowering the credibility of your marketing channels. How to overcome this? You can do that by choosing affiliate solutions offered by Affee360. Below, you will find five reasons why, as a publisher, you should choose Premium Private Affiliate Program.

Reason One: precise offer targeting helps maximise profits

The average online user has to sift through hundreds of ads every day. Only those ads that precisely hit the pain points of the user have any chance of being noticed. Although, in affiliate marketing, you are not directly selling a product, by generating traffic and mixing affiliate links in your communication you are a sales person. Your clients are people who interact with you on your blog or your social media profiles. It’s not worth to pitch them stuff you wouldn’t buy yourself. To make sure that you maximise the possible profit and, at the same time, you don’t make your audience angry, choose ads and products that come from respected companies and are targeted towards your audience. These are the offers that you will find on Affee360.

Reason Two: Appropriate communication channels give you a higher conversion.

The product and niche, in which you operate, are not everything. It’s worth taking into consideration the way in which you communicate with your customers. Newsletters? Blogs? Short social media posts? The channels that you use in your everyday communication influence the type and strength of your relation with your audience. Some products do not require establishing a close relationship before you promote them while with others, you will not be able to convince anyone without a huge amount of trust. That’s why when choosing your affiliate partner it’s crucial to select a platform that will provide you with the right products that will fit into your marketing strategy and the way you communicate with online users. This approach gives you a much higher conversion and, as a result, much better ROI.

Reason Three: Save time with complete sales & management services

If you want to get to the top affiliate offers, open affiliate platforms are not enough. Just as the name suggests – “open” – meaning that both you and your competitors can use them. A good idea to reach products with better commission is to look for companies in your niche, contact them, ask whether they run an affiliate program and negotiate the commission if they do…. Sounds tedious right? Luckily, there are better ways.

Opposite to a typical open affiliate platform, Premium Private Affiliate Program provides you with a personalised premium managerial service. Our employees will take care of negotiating your commission, helping you get access to the best offers and making sure that your commission is always at the highest level possible. At Affee360, we give you much more than just access to offers – we connect publishers with entrepreneurs, who are offering products and services that best suit the target audience of a given publisher.

Reason Four: Monetisation and reputation management combined

Today, your audience judges you based on the content that you share online. You’ve most likely noticed the storm of negative comments on some social media profile shortly after their owners tried to trick their followers into falling for a low-quality affiliate offer. Or a drastic difference between engagement on a typical post, compared to one that’s selling something. And you have to monetise your traffic – you’ve sacrificed a lot to get your business up and running, so you want it to be profitable. But do you really have to profit at the expense of your brand image?

Taking proper care of your image and brand is one of the crucial things in every business. But if you try to milk your audience and keep pushing at your followers the same, low-quality products, which they have already seen countless times, they can (and most likely will) get angry. That’s why it’s worth choosing unique offers, targeting the pain points of your readers. This way, instead of selling, you will be solving the problems of your audience – with Premium Private Affiliate Program, you get access to offers that the members of your audience are actively looking for.

Reason Five: Solid foundations for your online assets

Affiliate marketing is a business just like any other – we get that. That’s why we do not direct our offer to spammers and those who use churn and burn methods. A professional approach will make your monetization easier and more effective and your profits higher, while lowering your competition. Our offers are aimed at top publishers, who treat their audience in a professional way, with all the respect their followers deserve and who would like to establish long-lasting relations with their readers for years to come.

Don’t wait – Sign up today.

Monetise your business by using reliable and proven-to-work products while helping your audience members solve their problems and fulfil their needs so that they can share your business with their friends and come back for more. With Affee360, you get access to unique and carefully selected offers that will distinguish your communication channels from your competitors. Sign up now, start monetizing your traffic with Premium Private Affiliate Program and enjoy growing profits and satisfied and grateful audience.


Ophelia Baer
Ophelia Baer

Marketing Manager