Your products with our PPAP

How can you boost sales of your products with our Premium Private Affiliate Program?

Would you like to promote your products using the most effective form of online marketing, without having to invest a lot of money upfront or employ additional staff, but you have no idea where to start? Read six of the most common problems of entrepreneurs who are looking into promoting their products using affiliate marketing and find out how we can help you solve them. Take advantage of the sophisticated offer of Affee360, created for entrepreneurs who want to take their sales to the next level and reach with your offer to thousands of new clients.

Problem One: Lack of awareness and most basic knowledge about Affiliate Marketing.

For many entrepreneurs, affiliate marketing…. Doesn’t really exist! A lot of them have no idea not only about affiliate marketing itself but also about the potential of promoting a product with the help of affiliates – not to mention that it could help them sell their goods and services outside of their home market. Moreover, many business owners believe that running an affiliate program requires a massive investment and employing many new employees.

Solution:  If you don’t know how to go about affiliate marketing, contact us – we will get you through the whole process, step-by-step, helping you find publishers who will promote your products and attract a lot of new clients to your business. We will also evaluate your products and prepare a personalised marketing strategy, tailored specifically to your business. We offer you a full affiliate program management, from start to finish.

Problem 2: Lack of affiliate „Infrastructure”

Most of the platforms that provide affiliate services leave entrepreneurs without any guidance or help. The most common form of “promotion” within the platform are newsletters containing the newest offers, which are sent to all affiliates without any extra targeting. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to encourage the best affiliates to promote your product or service. This leads to a situation in which your product gets lost in the pile of other offers, and lack of any marketing activity and statistics discourages affiliates from promoting it.

Solution: At Affee360 we make sure that every product reaches the right publishers. Our employees take of introducing business owners and their products to publishers – thanks to that, your offer will always be actively promoted, and you will get new clients.

Problem 3: The product is “unfit” for Affiliate Marketing.

Many business people would like to take advantage of possibilities that come with affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, on a typical platform, their products are ignored, because they sell rarely – usually, this is caused by the cost (it’s harder to sell upscale products online, even despite a higher commission) or the character of the niche. Publishers prefer products that are affordable and generate much more frequent sales.

Solution: Thanks to years of experience of our team, we are capable of evaluating each product and introducing it to appropriate publishers. This allows us to find people who will be interested in promoting even those products which by inexperienced marketers could be seen as highly unattractive.

Problem 4: Unethical marketing methods harm the image of your product and services

Some of the publishers use unethical promotion methods – they resort to spam or create sites with little to no quality content which are then artificially boosted in search engine results, usually using blackhat SEO techniques. Others, create websites full of fake reviews or develop “review” videos that could potentially harm your brand.

Solution: Strict selection of publishers who want to promote your product. At Affee360, we value professionalism – we work with big online websites as well as companies and people who are reputable in the industry. We know how much work you put into creating your brand, that’s why we allow only ethical and legal forms of promotion.

Problem 5: Reaching the best publishers and scaling up

Your product is good. It’s excellent. Unfortunately, only you and a bunch of your clients who have used it so far, know it. Publishers who you contact are not interested in taking the risk and, as a result, you are unable to find anyone willing to promote it. This stops you from expanding your business and achieving the economy of scale, what would be possible if there were quality publishers behind your product. You waste both your money and time.

Solution: At Affee360 we evaluate which products can take advantage of affiliate marketing. Using our network of publishers, we are capable of quickly finding the right people to promote your product. And you will save a lot of time, which you’ll be able to spend developing and enhancing your product and business.

Problem 6: Lack of resources to create or manage in-house Affiliate Program

Some of the above problems, for example, low quality of service in an open affiliate platform, could be overcome with an in-house affiliate system. Unfortunately, unless you are a big enterprise with an established reputation, finding publishers (especially those that really know how to convert their audience) who would be willing to promote your product is nearly impossible. That’s why most in-house affiliate programs are closed down even before they really started. The second prevalent problem is the lack of experienced staff to manage such program. Contrary to what some people think, it’s very complicated and experience demanding process, both when it comes to sales and marketing.

Solution: Leave your affiliate strategy to our team and sign up for the Premium Private Affiliate Program. By registering and getting approved, you don’t have to create any affiliate infrastructure or employ dedicated employees to manage your in-house affiliate system. You don’t have to lose resources to get in touch with potential publishers either. With Affee360, you get the full package -everything, that you have to do is make sure you can deal with increased sales of your products.


Why Affee360 and our Premium Private Affiliate Program?

At Affee360 we understand all the possibilities of a good marketing campaign with the use of affiliate marketing perfectly. We know, how significant strong and transparent business relations are, and we emphasise the importance of cooperation between both parties – publishers and entrepreneurs – so that each of the partners gets the most out of it. Premium Private Affiliate Program is a lot more than just another affiliate program. We offer:

Complete, premium-level sales and management services. We will match the best publishers to your products and make sure that you get both the right communication and marketing materials that will guarantee high sales of your product.

Help with expansion into new markets and access to thousands of new clients. Thanks to our industry contacts and experience, we can help you get across publishers (and thanks to them – across new customers) around the world.

Brand protection – We diligently analyse the forms of promotion used by publishers who work with us. This way, we can be sure that your brand will not be harmed. Instead, it will become recognisable and benefit from appearing in reputable online marketing channels.

Win-win principles in negotiations – we believe that the foundation of every business is keeping long-lasting and transparent relations with stakeholders. That’s why, all negotiations between entrepreneurs and publishers are conducted with the win-win principles in mind so, that the conditions of cooperation are beneficial for both parties.

Competitor analysis – Your competitors never sleep. That’s why we take a closer look at the strategies and actions of other companies. This way we can be one step ahead.

We will take your business to the world of the most profitable form of online promotion. We are 100% confident that you want your business to grow and your profits to increase.

Apply now to the Premium Private Affiliate Program. We will take you through the registration process step-by-step and a manager assigned to you will soon analyse your offer and help you get your first publishers, eager to promote your product. Are you ready for new clients?


Three Principles of Our Premium Private Affiliate Program

Three principles of our Premium Private Affiliate Program. Why you have to try the premium version of affiliate marketing?

Are you a business owner who wants to increase his sales and boost brand recognition? Or maybe you are a publisher, hoping to monetize the traffic promoting products and services that offer real value to your target audience? Discover the opportunities that come with premium affiliate marketing solutions, offered by Affee360.

But first – What exactly is affiliate marketing?

Over the past few years, affiliate marketing has evolved from an underestimated way of promoting and selling e-products, such as eBooks or e-courses, into a multi-billion-dollar industry, which today is an important part of a business strategy of world’s biggest brands. For some of them – such as Amazon – it has become one of the crucial streams of new clients and the revenues of the Amazon affiliate program run into billions of dollars every year.

Today, it’s hard to find a product that is not being offered with the use of affiliate marketing – from eBooks, through electronics, furniture, cars and even houses! Unfortunately, the potential of affiliate sales remains untapped, both when it comes to small businesses and big enterprises, which often:

  • Have no idea that their product can be sold using affiliation as a marketing and sales tool
  • They delay the introduction of such program waiting for „the perfect moment” which never comes. The competition doesn’t sleep and takes over the market share.
  • Don’t have enough time, resources, or workforce, qualified to manage such program
  • Are worried about their brand (unethical methods used by some publishers and marketers; association of affiliate marketing with multi-level marketing)

The development of quality affiliate solutions is also hindered by the attitude of publishers, who quite often avoid promoting unverified products, worrying about the relations with their audience, investments made, and time spent building their online properties.

All that makes it hard for new and inexperienced companies to find publishers willing to promote their products (especially those with high level of trust and quality relations with their audience) and scepticism of publishers themselves quite often leads to not using the whole potential of traffic. The best way to overcome these problems is to take your marketing to a premium level.

What is the premium version of affiliate marketing? Three fundamentals of a Premium Private Affiliate Program

Premium affiliate marketing is all about high quality of service for each of the parties involved. That’s why, the main principles of our operations focus on efficient communication and rigorous selection process. Discover, what distinguishes us from among our competitors and start growing your business with us!

Principle 1: Proven and verified publishers, trustworthy companies

The first principle that we follow in Affee360 is a thorough selection process of both publishers and entrepreneurs, who would like to grow their business with us. This is quite the opposite to the way in which most of the “open” affiliate programs work and to which everyone, even with little to no traffic or underdeveloped website or Facebook fan page, can sign up as a publisher. Thanks to this approach, you can be sure that your offer will be reached by a highly-targeted client, who will find exactly what he needs. This allows us to achieve high conversion level while keeping a positive brand image.

Principle 2: Top-notch products and services

Another essential difference between a typical affiliate platform and its premium counterpart is the quality of available products and services. For your product to be able to reach publishers who work with us, we have to be sure that it gives real benefits to people who make a purchase. Quite often the value of products offered with the use of affiliate marketing turns out to be much lower compared to the cost paid by the buyers.

Of course, marketing has to be included in the price of the product – we totally agree with that. What’s important for us is the satisfaction of all parties – publishers, associated companies, and final customers, who buy your products using our platform. That’s why we assess thoroughly every product that reaches our platform – we work only with the best business owners and publishers.

Principle 3: Personalised approach, networking, and professional communication

Our mission is to connect entrepreneurs and publishers in a way that gives both of them the most benefits and allows for an easy communication – what is, unfortunately, not always that simple. Entrepreneurs who work with us get access to a complete affiliate program management, with a particular focus on protecting and strengthening the brand of promoted products and services, without the high cost of in-house affiliate program implementation, promotional graphics design, affiliate strategy development or tedious search for new affiliates.

Your products will be promoted only by those publishers whose marketing practices are of the highest quality – both when it comes to business solutions and ethics. We strive to not only promote your products but also to establish a long-lasting business relations.

Who is the offer of Affee360 aimed at?

The primary recipient of premium affiliate solutions are those entrepreneurs who, for a variety of reasons, have never decided to pursue affiliate marketing. The second group of people are those who tried promoting their business with the help of an open affiliate platform, what did not provide them with sufficient sales level or those who used to have an in-house affiliate program but cancelled it or suspended it “indefinitely.”

To help entrepreneurs, we network with publishers who have established a strong relationship with their audience, and manage trusted and well-known communication channels such as big online websites (authority sites), newsletters (but only those which focus on long-term a relationship with the recipient – spam is unacceptable), and popular and engaging social media profiles.

Why it’s worth it?

Many entrepreneurs whom we reach with our offer are unaware of the potential of their product or service – especially when it comes to international expansion. Researching and approaching such companies is another important element of our strategy. Thanks to that, a lot of offers available on our platform is unique. This means that publishers who cooperate with us will get access to something our competitors will never be able to offer.

Premium Private Affiliate Program ensures the security of both parties. By nurturing healthy and open relations with companies that cooperate with us, we take responsibility for overcoming any problems between publishers and business owners. That’s why we are so diligent in checking everyone who wants to work with our platform, and we take care of giving the publishers the products that will suit their offer and audience best.

Don’t wait – take your business to the next level

A personalised approach to every client, high-quality sales & management service and strict selection process, allow us to offer you an affiliate program on a level so different to what you have experienced so far – regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur or a publisher. Thanks to that, both parties get access to valuable business partners and receive a lot of great benefits without the need to sacrifice resources for an in-house affiliate program management. It’s time to expand your business – register today as a publisher or entrepreneur and enjoy a premium-level of profits.

Why publishers love PPAP?

Five reasons to fall in love with Premium Private Affiliate Program.

Do you want to monetize your website traffic and achieve high return on investment while giving your audience something special, for what your readers will be grateful? With Premium Private Affiliate Program, it’s possible. But first….

Dear publisher! Stop wasting valuable resources!

Affiliate marketing is without a doubt the most lucrative form of monetizing the traffic to your web properties. Unfortunately, many publishers and website owners use ineffective monetization forms with the use of affiliation:

They use open affiliate platforms on which they have to sift through tons of similar offers before finding the one they were looking for. Moreover, even before they start, they realise that they are competing with thousands of other marketers, what leads to market saturation.

Despite a huge choice of offers, finding the one that will suit your audience is sometimes impossible.

Moreover, the low quality of service on the platform and small control over the offers leads to negligence and malpractice – both when it comes to employees of the platform (“lead shaving” – lowering the number of conversions in order to cut down the commission) and entrepreneurs cooperating with it.

The above problems force some of the publishers to resign from this incredibly profitable form of monetisation completely, while others, enticed by huge profits and due to lack of a better choice, serve their audience with mediocre offers of low-quality products (quite often they are fully aware of this lack of quality).

Such practice of misleading your readers to boost your profits can quickly backfire, harming your reputation, making your audience insensitive to the advertisement and lowering the credibility of your marketing channels. How to overcome this? You can do that by choosing affiliate solutions offered by Affee360. Below, you will find five reasons why, as a publisher, you should choose Premium Private Affiliate Program.

Reason One: precise offer targeting helps maximise profits

The average online user has to sift through hundreds of ads every day. Only those ads that precisely hit the pain points of the user have any chance of being noticed. Although, in affiliate marketing, you are not directly selling a product, by generating traffic and mixing affiliate links in your communication you are a sales person. Your clients are people who interact with you on your blog or your social media profiles. It’s not worth to pitch them stuff you wouldn’t buy yourself. To make sure that you maximise the possible profit and, at the same time, you don’t make your audience angry, choose ads and products that come from respected companies and are targeted towards your audience. These are the offers that you will find on Affee360.

Reason Two: Appropriate communication channels give you a higher conversion.

The product and niche, in which you operate, are not everything. It’s worth taking into consideration the way in which you communicate with your customers. Newsletters? Blogs? Short social media posts? The channels that you use in your everyday communication influence the type and strength of your relation with your audience. Some products do not require establishing a close relationship before you promote them while with others, you will not be able to convince anyone without a huge amount of trust. That’s why when choosing your affiliate partner it’s crucial to select a platform that will provide you with the right products that will fit into your marketing strategy and the way you communicate with online users. This approach gives you a much higher conversion and, as a result, much better ROI.

Reason Three: Save time with complete sales & management services

If you want to get to the top affiliate offers, open affiliate platforms are not enough. Just as the name suggests – “open” – meaning that both you and your competitors can use them. A good idea to reach products with better commission is to look for companies in your niche, contact them, ask whether they run an affiliate program and negotiate the commission if they do…. Sounds tedious right? Luckily, there are better ways.

Opposite to a typical open affiliate platform, Premium Private Affiliate Program provides you with a personalised premium managerial service. Our employees will take care of negotiating your commission, helping you get access to the best offers and making sure that your commission is always at the highest level possible. At Affee360, we give you much more than just access to offers – we connect publishers with entrepreneurs, who are offering products and services that best suit the target audience of a given publisher.

Reason Four: Monetisation and reputation management combined

Today, your audience judges you based on the content that you share online. You’ve most likely noticed the storm of negative comments on some social media profile shortly after their owners tried to trick their followers into falling for a low-quality affiliate offer. Or a drastic difference between engagement on a typical post, compared to one that’s selling something. And you have to monetise your traffic – you’ve sacrificed a lot to get your business up and running, so you want it to be profitable. But do you really have to profit at the expense of your brand image?

Taking proper care of your image and brand is one of the crucial things in every business. But if you try to milk your audience and keep pushing at your followers the same, low-quality products, which they have already seen countless times, they can (and most likely will) get angry. That’s why it’s worth choosing unique offers, targeting the pain points of your readers. This way, instead of selling, you will be solving the problems of your audience – with Premium Private Affiliate Program, you get access to offers that the members of your audience are actively looking for.

Reason Five: Solid foundations for your online assets

Affiliate marketing is a business just like any other – we get that. That’s why we do not direct our offer to spammers and those who use churn and burn methods. A professional approach will make your monetization easier and more effective and your profits higher, while lowering your competition. Our offers are aimed at top publishers, who treat their audience in a professional way, with all the respect their followers deserve and who would like to establish long-lasting relations with their readers for years to come.

Don’t wait – Sign up today.

Monetise your business by using reliable and proven-to-work products while helping your audience members solve their problems and fulfil their needs so that they can share your business with their friends and come back for more. With Affee360, you get access to unique and carefully selected offers that will distinguish your communication channels from your competitors. Sign up now, start monetizing your traffic with Premium Private Affiliate Program and enjoy growing profits and satisfied and grateful audience.